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How we’re different

Destinations Worldwide

Over 40 destinations around the globe available, with partners that are passionate and endeavour not to take away the sense of achievement that comes with independent travel.

Sustainably Focused

Feel good about booking your tour with our partners knowing the local people in the destination benefit from your tourist dollars and know that you are keeping tours sustainable.

Book Direct – No Middleman

Deal with the operator who runs your tour direct. No need for annoying 3rd party websites. Get to know the company you’re traveling with.

Our Vision

Committed to excellence, innovation, and sustainability, we craft immersive journeys that capture the essence of each destination. Our collaborative spirit empowers us to redefine boutique travel, providing discerning travelers with extraordinary, authentic, and transformative experiences. Through ethical and responsible tourism, we not only enrich lives but also contribute positively to communities worldwide.

Featured Tours

Some of our favorite unique & immersive tour experiences from our alliance partners. To learn more about each partner or to see their full range of tours, please visit the ‘Our Partners’ page and click on the partner to be taken direct to their website.

What people are saying

Inverted Atlas

Kristina gave us that authentic sense that we had become part of the landscape and that stepping out of our comfort zones we had renewed our delight in the variety of what life has to offer. Kristina, now with her travel company, and her professional staff have the acumen and the enthusiasm to make it happen, to take the worry out of travel but not the personal accomplishment that comes with doing the extraordinary.
Bill & Bev McLean
Northern NSW, Australia

Journeys Worldwide

Just returned from a fantastic safari experience to the Serengeti and Tarangire National Park in Tanzania with Sean Lues. Superb organization deluxe accommodation/food coupled with Sean’s extensive guiding experience and encyclopedic knowledge of African wildlife made this a trip of a lifetime. Highly recommended.
Graeme Seaton

Mysterious Adventures Tours

I booked the Halloween in Ireland with Katrina Weidman tour and I really loved it. I’ve watched Katrina on TV since Paranormal State and looked forward to meeting her. We went so many amazing places and even did a paranormal investigation on Halloween Night at Leap Castle. The only way to experience the ancient magic of Ireland first hand is to experience it yourself. The Irish people were so friendly everywhere we went and I learned so much, even picked up a little Gaelic! Every hotel we stayed at had some kind of paranormal activity which made for a very interesting trip.
Thank you Maria, Bob, Katrina, Eddie, Shelley and the Paranormal Adventures Ireland Team ☘️🇮🇪
Melissa Drewry

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